The 2023 LoL World Finals set a new viewership record in esports, captivating over 6.4 million fans worldwide and solidifying the global impact of competitive gaming. Esports is here to stay.

In 2023, the League of Legends World Finals reached a new high in esports history. It had over 6.4 million people watching at its busiest time, according to This 6,402,760 viewer peak is the highest ever for any esports event. And this count doesn’t even include the large number of viewers from China, which suggests the real number could be even bigger.

2023 LoL World Finals

From October 10 to November 19, 2023, the World Championship was hosted in South Korea, across two cities: Seoul and Busan. Twenty-two teams from all over the world competed, chosen for their great play in their own regions and in international games. The final match was on November 19, 2023, at the Gocheok Sky Dome. It was between Weibo Gaming from China and T1 from South Korea. T1 won 3-0, earning their fourth world championship title – more than any other team.

During this event, it was also announced that the 2024 LoL World Championship finals will be in London, at The O2 Arena on November 2, 2024. This news excited fans and players alike, looking forward to another grand event in a famous venue.

LoL Worlds 2023 vs Major Sport Events

The viewership for the 2023 League of Legends World Finals, while impressive, can be compared to other sporting events to provide perspective. For instance, the 2022 NBA Finals averaged about 12.4 million viewers per game. While the NBA Finals still attracted more viewers, the League of Legends event’s viewership is notable, especially given the relatively shorter history of esports compared to traditional sports like basketball.

The 2023 World Finals not only set a new standard in esports viewership but also showed the growing global appeal of esports, drawing near to viewership numbers of established sports events. As we look towards the 2024 finals in London, the excitement and reach of esports continue to grow, promising even greater achievements in the future.

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