In early 2024, Bitcoin surged to an impressive $60,000 USD, highlighting its volatility and the growing interest in cryptocurrency as a serious investment. This financial milestone also casts a spotlight on another rising trend: esports betting with Bitcoin. At Bisbets, we specialize in connecting users with the best esports betting websites, including those that allow you to bet using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Here’s why Bitcoin and esports betting are a perfect match and how you can get started.

Why Bet on Esports with Bitcoin?

  • Security and Privacy: One of the strongest advantages of using Bitcoin for betting is its security. Transactions with Bitcoin are encrypted and decentralized, offering a high level of protection against fraud and breaches. By choosing platforms listed on Bisbets, you can ensure that your betting activities are private and secure.
  • Speed of Transactions: Unlike traditional betting methods, Bitcoin transactions are completed quickly—often within minutes. This means you can deposit and withdraw funds swiftly, maintaining the excitement of betting without delays.
  • Global Access: Bitcoin operates on a global scale, free from the traditional banking regulations and restrictions. This universal accessibility makes it easy to bet on your favorite esports events from anywhere in the world, without any complications.
  • Potential for Appreciation: The value of Bitcoin can significantly increase over time, which might boost the worth of your winnings. Betting with Bitcoin not only adds an element of excitement but also the possibility of an investment payoff.

How to Get Started with Bitcoin Esports Betting

Step 1: Choose a Reliable Betting Site: First, check out Bisbets where we carefully review and list top esports betting sites that accept Bitcoin. These sites are secure, user-friendly, and offer a wide variety of esports competitions.

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Step 2: Set Up a Bitcoin Wallet: To store your Bitcoins, you will require a digital wallet. There are several types of wallets available to suit different needs, including hardware wallets like Ledger for maximum security and mobile wallets such as Coinbase Wallet for convenience. These wallets are popular and considered trustworthy within the cryptocurrency community. Choose a wallet that best fits your personal security requirements and ease of use preferences.

Step 3: Purchase Bitcoin: Buy Bitcoin using traditional currency at any reputable exchange. Then, transfer your Bitcoin to your wallet and you are ready to go.

Step 4: Make a Deposit and Start Betting: Log into your chosen betting site from our list at Bisbets, deposit your Bitcoin, and you’re ready to explore a wide range of betting options. Whether you are a fan of popular esports like Dota 2 and CS2 or traditional sports such as football and ice hockey, these platforms have you covered.

For esports, you can bet on outcomes of matches, total scores, and even specific events within the game like the first kill or the number of kills. For instance, in a Dota 2 game, you might bet on which team will destroy the first tower, while in Counter-Strike, you could predict the winner of the first round.

In traditional sports betting, Bitcoin allows you to bet on various aspects of the game. For example, this could be the overall winner of a football match, the total number of goals, or specific events like which team will score first.

Step 5: Withdraw Your Winnings: When you win, you can withdraw your winnings to your Bitcoin wallet. From there, you can decide to keep your earnings in Bitcoin, hoping it appreciates, convert it to another currency, or use it for further betting.

Exploring Bitcoin Betting Options

You can bet on the most popular esports titles using Bitcoin; here, we go through some of the most favored ones. Whether you’re following the strategic deployments in a League of Legends arena, the tactical fights in Dota 2, or the sharpshooters in Counter-Strike, Bitcoin betting allows you to engage deeply with each match.

Bet on League of Legends with Bitcoin

In League of Legends, betting options include predicting the winner of the match, the team to get the first kill, which team will slay the Dragon or Baron Nashor first, and more complex bets like total number of kills. Most sportsbooks that offer Bitcoin betting also allow you to bet on LoL.

Bet on Dota 2 with Bitcoin

Dota 2 offers diverse betting scenarios such as betting on the team to destroy the first tower, the first team to kill Roshan, the number of kills a player will get, or the team to win a particular match or the entire tournament. You can also bet on Dota 2 strategies like which player will achieve a ‘Godlike’ streak or which team secures the first ‘Mega Creep’ in a game.

Bet on VALORANT with Bitcoin

VALORANT betting options often involve predicting match winners, the total score of a match, which team will win the first round, and individual player performances such as kills, deaths, and assists.

Bet on Counter-Strike with Bitcoin

For CS2, you can bet on the winner of each round, the total number of rounds, head-to-head stats of players, first blood, and even the specific weapons used to achieve kills in various stages of the game.

Betting on Counter-Strike is a popular choice among competitive gaming followers.

Bet on Starcraft 2 with Bitcoin

Starcraft 2 betting includes options like the winner of the match, the total number of games won in a series, player match-ups, and first to achieve certain in-game objectives like first to build a particular unit or structure.

Bet on NBA 2K with Bitcoin

Betting on NBA 2K might include outcomes such as the winner of the game, point spread, total points, and props like who will score the first basket or the performance stats of individual players.

Explore Bitcoin Casinos

In addition to esports betting, Bitcoin casinos are gaining traction as a popular way to gamble online securely. Sites like Cloudbet and are leading the way in this innovative field. These platforms offer a wide range of games beyond traditional esports betting, including slots and live dealer games, all playable with Bitcoin.

Esports Betting with Bitcoin

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The Future of Esports Betting

Many might wonder how big is esports betting. It’s growing fast and could be worth over $100 billion by 2030. The industry is expanding due to better events, more people watching online, and new ways to bet. However, challenges like ensuring fair play and following regulations still exist. The future of esports betting looks promising as it becomes more popular and well-regulated.

Bitcoin is transforming the betting landscape by making transactions safer, faster, and more accessible worldwide. The Bitcoin Betting Guide by Bisbets is here to help you navigate these changes and make informed betting decisions. For the latest tips and updates to enhance your betting strategy, keep visiting Bisbets.

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