The wait is over! After extensive development and beta testing, Counter-Strike 2 is finally here for everyone to enjoy. And the best part? It’s free to play!

Game Upgrades You’ll Love

This new version introduces enhanced graphics and improved character movements, making it feel more real than ever. Plus, players will appreciate the updated maps which were tested and improved during the beta phase.

Changes in Counter-Strike 2

The game now has a total of 24 main rounds in its competitive modes. If there’s a tie, players get an additional 6 rounds to break it. This change also applies to major tournaments, promising more intense and fun matches. Some other changes include:

  • Updated Buy Menu UI & Ability To Sell Guns
  • New Inspect Grenades Feature
  • New ‘CS Rating’ Player Metric

CS2 Tournaments

All the big Counter-Strike tournaments will soon shift from the previous version, Global Offensive, to Counter-Strike 2. This means new challenges and more thrilling matches for players and fans alike.

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